Drake Safety Processes LLC

 Drake Safety Processes LLC (previously The Drake Group) is a safety/process safety company established in 1995 with a passion for superior Safety, Environmental, Health processes and systems. Its founder, Tom Drake, has over 35 years of experience in field and corporate domestic and international safety, health and environmental.

We are "problem solvers" and over the years the solution for many of these problems has been by the use of technology. Our slogan is, "Content plus Technology" and this defines what we are about and what separates us from other providers. Technology is not always the solution, but when it is we are well prepared to provide a high level technological solution.

While we provide services and products for the full spectrum of safety, health and environmental our focus and specialty has been in Process Safety. We have provided implementation at high levels for large organizations and have been at the forefront of PSM for 3 decades.

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