Business Processes

Essentially all of our products and services activities involve Process Design. We see many business processes that have evolved over time and not always in the straightest or most efficient path.


Our methodology promotes change management by providing clear process mapping that finds the most efficient path and communicates it in a way that is logical and understandable. Our methodology has been successful in designing new processes that increased efficiency by an average 50% and resulted in “significant” cost savings to client corporations.

We have experience in designing and implementing simple and complex business process for a wide range of organizations. Some examples include:

  • Audit - Compliance
  • Audit - Loss Control
  • Budget Cycle - Onshore/Offshore 
  • Corporate Monthly Safety Report
  • Engineering Department Project Management
  • EPA - Air, Assessments, Ground Water, Fees, Invoices, Dam and Floodplain, Enforcement, Facilities Construction, Field Operations, Hazard Assessments, Inspections, KPDES, Waste Management, etc.
  • Field Production Reporting
  • Offshore Contractor Management
  • Process Safety - Chemicals and Refining
  • Safety Organization
  • SAP Global Communications and Implementation
  • Training -  HES
  • Training - Refinery Laboratory
  • Training - Operations
  • Training - Technical
  • Well Depletion
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