Crisis/Incident Management

Managing Crisis and Incidents is one of the most challenging and stressful situations and the focus is to make a negative a positive.


We are experienced in the development and implementation of Crisis Management Plans for facilities and corporations.


We conduct comprehensive training in “Media Relations During a Crisis”. Our “live” sessions prepare executives and spokespersons for dealing with the media on issues that are relevant to the company.

Media Relations During a Crisis - This 3 day program is a comprehensive instructional and scenario based training activity.  Real life scenarios are performed in front of news cameras and the scenario is critiqued by the instructor(s) and participants.  Some of the scenarios are individual or in groups that can be encountered as a result of a crisis/incident. We have discovered that these scenarios can transform an executive, manager or supervisor to a whole new level of safety support when the realization of what it is like to have to account for an incident is experienced. 


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