Learning is a constant process in any organization and provides great competitive advantage. eLearning is an integral part of that process and it's importance is increasing.

Procedure Based Learning

We term our approach as “Procedure Based Learning” which utilizes the procedure as the index to the learning process. Good procedures are the first learning element and provide the who, what, when, and where elements. The linked learning is the why and how element.

This strategy dramatically reduces the high costs of conventional training systems, especially for regulatory compliance. Users follow the procedure until a difficult task is identified. The learning link launches and the training happens then and there.

eLearning - Custom

The Drake Group’s nitch involves learning systems for organizations that are custom tailored to the organizations specific needs.

We use professional digital still and video photography, linear editing, and professional voice-overs to produce high quality training that conveys the topic in an efficient and engaging style. These custom modules are produced in the MESHsystems LMS module and distributed online or as stand-alone modules. 

One approach is in the development of task specific training where an operator wears a wireless microphone and performs the task while describing what they are doing.  A video is produced with this narration that is then used for scripting by a professional narrator or used to produce the task procedure.  The operator then can return to work and a fully documented video is ready for use or further ediiting. 

Some examples of training projects includes:

  • Process Safety for TEEX/Texas A&M
  • Safety Procedures - Domestic production company
  • Safety Procedures for International Power Companyin English, Spanish and Portuguese 
  • Refinery Reciprocating Compressors
  • Refinery Pump Care
  • Facility Security



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