The Drake Group procedure style involves the use of important visual and functional elements that ensures effective communication. Display of content is accomplished by considering how persons observe, analyze, and interpret information.

Key Procedure Objectives

  • Accurate
  • Clear and Concise
  • Visually Appealing
  • Logical and Sequential
  • Link to Supporting Resources
  • Graphical

Drake Procedure Design

The use of color and graphics with the easy to read text style provides procedures that are very effective in communicating the most complex job function. Our style is clean and to the point, which eliminates unnecessary and competing elements that interfere with comprehension.

Our procedures use design elements that are enhanced for electronic display. They can also be produced in print medium and have been termed “beautiful”. We can produce procedures in each of the available Word Processing programs as well as professional publishing software.

Obtaining Information

The ability to interact with client participants is essential to great procedural content and we use personal interaction skills that place the participants at ease and engage them as team members.

Complex procedures are mapped with software that provides team members with tools for rapid and accurate organization of information. The display of information in this form is very efficient during collaboration.

Digital still and motion photography is used to capture important information that further enhances the organization of information. These images are optimized for use in the procedure or as linked attachments. Graphics are managed with Adobe, Macromedia, and Apple professional graphics tools.

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