Support for the audit process is provided in three ways.

  • MESHsystems Audit Module
  • Consulting
  • Training

MESHsystems Audit Module

The Audit module is designed for audit planning, scheduling, conducting and following up.  This streamlined process adds efficiency and saves time, expecially during the reporting and followup phase.   The Audit module works seamlessly with the MESHsystems Action module so individuals can manage audit actions with automatic updating within both the Actions and Audit module.


After 30 years for conducting hundreds of safety, process safety and environmental audits, the process has been greatly refined.  This process typically begins with a Pre-audit document that helps the site to prepare for the audit and organize their materials.  Conducting the audit can be with the MESHsystems Audit module or the client's audit system.  Generally, the audit is conducted with a hard copy Audit Notebook to minimize the impact of a laptop or computer that impeeds the discussion.  The draft report is provided to the site for verification of facts before the final issue. 


The Drake Group can provide the following onsite training sessions"

  • Introduction to the Site Audit (2 hours) - Covers the process to be used with the specific site audit
  • Process Safety Audit Techniques and Methods (3 Days) - A comprehensive audit class specifically designed for Process Safety and SEMS audits.
  • Process Safety Leadership (3 Days) - This session provides an overview of elements needed for compliance and includes best practices.  Over 40 strategic elements are examined that Tom has identified and used in the application of Process Safety solutions.
  • HAZOP Participant and Leadership (5 Days) - This is a comprehensive session for persons new to HAZOP and for those who plan to lead HAZOP studies. 
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